Bicycle Glossary...

If you're just starting out in the bike world, you're probably being bombard by all kinds of new and intersting words. Derailleur, crankset, groupset, presta, fixie. If you wanna talk the talk, check out the definitions below.

If something isn't listed, contact us and we'll add it.


Bottom Bracket - The is what you attach your crank arms onto/into. It contains ball bearings that allow you crank arms to spin. There are many types of bottom bracket fitting including GXP, Mega XO, Octalink, Square taper, HollowTech II.


Derailleur - The mechanism that moves you chain up and down your gears. You can have both front and rear derailleurs. Front derailleurs are generally 2 or 3 speed, whilst rear derailleurs can range from 5 speed to 11 speed.


Groupset - This refers to the group of components that control braking and gear changes. It generally includes the derailleurs (front and back), brakes, gear levers, bottom bracket, crankset and rear cassette. Examples include XT, Apex, Ultegra, Dura Ace, XTR, X9 (though there are many more).


LBS - Local Bike Shop. Support them where you can, because they're mostly good guys :)


Presta Valve - Check out the bicycle valve types article.


Rear Cassette - The cogs/gears on the rear wheel.

Rear Derailleur Hanger - A small metal bracket that attaches your rear derailleur to the bike. They're made to break in event of a crash. They bend very easily so don't rest your bike on the ground/against a wall bike with pressure on the rear derailleur.


Schrader Valve - Check out the bicycle valve types article.

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