Bike Workstand...

If there's one piece of equipment that will really set you on your way to doing your own maintenance, it has to be the workstand. No more propping your bike against doors/lamp posts. No more wishing you had three hands so you can hold the bike up while trying to index your gears. 

If you don't own a workstand yet, GO AND BUY ONE RIGHT NOW!!


Q. How much should I spend?
A. As much or as little as you want. I'd recommend spending around £50 and go from there.

Q. That seems like a lot doesn't it?
A. Yes and no. It's money well spent, but until you've used one you don't realise how much of bargain it really is

Q. I want the Crème de la Crème/Rolls Royce of work stands. What should I be buying?
A. This is an easy one. Click on Kestrel Engineering to see the best workstands bar none. Expect to pay upwards of £400 for the only workstand you'll ever need. Big, tough and incredibly well made. They occasionally come up on eBay.

Q. Okay, maybe I don't want to spend £400, but I want a good one. What should I buy?
A. £100-£150 will get you a very nice workstand that is generally better made than the cheaper ones. Park Tools make excellent stands for around this price point. 

Q. I've seen a workstand at Aldi/Lidl for around £35. Are they any good?
A. Yes, they're pretty good. Not brilliant, but for the money they offer good value. They're not up to much when it comes to clamping your bike with both wheels off the ground. If you can afford it, I'd spend a little more. However this was my first workstand, and it stood me in good stead for a couple years.

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