Park Tools MLP-1 Review

Master link pliers are another one of those tools which seem a bit extravagant. Until you need them!!

For those not in the know, a master link (quick link etc) is a removable link in the chain which (in theory) makes it quick and easy to get a chain off for maintenance/repair/cleaning etc. Park Tools MLP-1The theory is you push the plates together and the link comes apart. They're a clever little bit of kit. You don't need a chain splitter, which can only be a good thing.

Sounds great? They are.............. unless you've got a master link with ideas of its own. When these links are brand new, they can be a bit stubborn, which is where these pliers come in.

I don't care what people say, I've had a few of these links which simply weren't coming apart in the first few weeks of being on the bike (they loosen up in time/use). It's not down to bad technique, they're just stiff and they're not coming apart with extracting a few blisters on your fingers.

You could try to use needle nose pliers, you could try a bit of wire, or you could use the right tool for the job. These pliers snap the chain apart in moments.

So, for ~£13 are they worth the money? In my book yes (which is why I bought them). I like to take my chain off every couple of weeks to give everything a good clean. Anything that makes removing the chain easier is worth it in my book.

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