Schwalbe Dureme Review...

Cost: ~£50 (as of October 2011)

Rating: 8/10

Good Points: Rolls well, durable, excellent puncture protection, light (folding version)

Bad Points: Expensive

Worth Buying? YES

Schwalbe have brought out two new tyres to replace the old XR tyre which achieved something of a cult status amongst tourers. It was tough, pretty much invincible and lasted forever. However, all good things must come to an end which brings us happily to the Dureme.

I'll start out by saying that I came to the Dureme after three very unsuccessful rides on my new bike which is a tourer/CX hybrid. Three rides, three punctures (in the pitch black middle of nowhere kind) meant I wanted something tough. Puncture protection on these is excellent, and lets be honest, Schwalbe don't really have anything to prove. They know their tyres, and they know how to keep sharp/pointy things out.

On tarmac, they roll suprisingly well. Obviously they're not super skinny road tyres, but this is a do everything tyre. At 35c they're a perfect compromise for the person who wants to ride 10 miles, do some trail riding and then ride home. They also come in 40c should you require a bit more grip in the wet stuff. Off road I was surprised how well these coped. They're not going to get you through knee deep mud, but for basic off roading on trails they do an excellent job.

The Dureme isn't cheap, there's no getting away from that. But are they worth the price? That's up to you to decide. I'll be running these for the forseeable future.

Schwalbe have a well earned reputation when it comes to bike tyres. If you're a Schwalbe fan, these won't disappoint. For the price I think they're a steal. 


Q. Should I buy the Extreme or the Dureme?
A. If you're on the road/gravel tracks, go for the Dureme. If you're going on mud or very rocky trails, go for the Extreme.

Q. What are these like off road?
A. Suprisingly good actually. They're not super chunky, but they'll deal with basic mud. Not an off road tyre by any means but a very nice compromise for road/trails where you need a bit of extra grip.

Q. Are they easy to fit?
A. I've got the folding version, and they were a piece of cake. 

Q. Can I put these on my mountain bike?
A. Absolutely. Just make sure you get the right size for your wheels. 

Q. How much do they weigh/what sizes do they come in?
A. Check out the product page at: Schwalbe Dureme Specifications

Alternatives: Specialized Armadillos, Continental Travel Contacts, Schwalbe Extremes.

If you found this review helpful, please feel free to click on the banners below to buy the Dureme.


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